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N A Y : Nature Addresses You

N A Y : Nature Addresses You

“Fantastic job. You bring a whole different way of improvising as a result of the immense presence of the ancient nay. This project demonstrates the incredible musical era of exchange we are presently living through when anything can No more rules!! And Coltrane front and center...John would’ve loved it.” Dave Liebman

Nature Addresses You

When nature reveals its secrets, imposing it’s truth upon us. the “Nay” flute reflects a shadow ignored by mankind. The Nay, dates back to 5000 B.C to Ancient Egypt and has been existing since then, reminding us of our ancient origins. As natural as the nay is, it holds the quality of reflecting back the sound of it’s own player almost working as a mirror to his inner-sound. Perhaps that is why the Sufi Tradition chose this instrument for self-discovery. “NAY : Nature Addresses You” is a solo performance by Faris Ishaq, A Palestinian Nay Master, Global Jazz Flutist & Composer. Known for his virtuosity of the “Nay” and his expectational artistry which have enabled him to develop a unique instrumental setting, in which he plays the Nay while accompanying himself on leg-percussion and frame drum simultaneously.
Musically in “NAY : Nature Addresses You” Faris sheds light on the Nay as a global flute, where he expands it’s musical expressions from melodic to percussive and harmonic sounds that cross over Jazz, Indian Classical Music and many other world music traditions. His contemporary style of composition is a thematic exploration and improvisations that create a holistic self-exploration journey for the listener.  

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