Nature Addresses You

When nature reveals its secrets, imposing its truth upon us.  the “Nay” flute reflects a shadow ignored by mankind. The Nay, dates back to 5000 B.C to Ancient Egypt and has been existing since then, reminding us of our ancient origins. In order for its sound to come out, a consistent reflective connection has to be made between the nay, the player and the environment it is played within. Perhaps that is why the Sufi Tradition chose the nay as an instrument for self-discovery. The performance “NAY : Nature Addresses You” is a solo performance that aims to strengthen the bond between humanity and nature and invites for a journey narrated by the nay for the call of self-discovery and self-reconciliation.
Musically, Nay Master Faris Ishaq sheds light in his performance on the Nay as a global flute, where he expands it’s performance from melodic to percussive and harmonic expressions.  On top of that, while playing the Nay he accompanies himself by playing leg-percussion and frame drum simultaneously.