A Palestinian Nay Master, Composer, and Music Therapist. Faris is known to his mastery of the ancient flutes “Nay”, and despite its simple form, he is on a mission to unlock its maximum potential. Faris is a Graduate from the “Global Jazz” Master program at Berklee College of Music, and there he was able to incorporate the flute to adapt to the challenging and diverse environment of the program. His contemporary performance approach speaks of a wide range of vocabulary and techniques, in which he gained by playing Jazz and Indian Classical Music. His sound comes from a deep understanding of the Multiphonics, sound effects, and percussive playing, in which he blends with his compositions influenced by Arabic, Jazz and World Music.

 Faris has pushed the boundaries of his instrument, which enabled him to perform with numerous world-class jazz musicians such as Danilo Perez and George Garzone. In 2018 Faris was awarded the “Berklee’s Student of the Year Award”, an award that was given to him after presenting his album “ Tripolarity”. The album, authentically presenting Nay both as an oriental and jazz flute, has targeted a very important social and mental health issue, which Faris experienced as part of his music therapy work.  

Born in Bethlehem/Palestine 1993. Faris started his musical journey at the age of 12, playing the Euphonium and Trombone in Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. Coincidently at the age of 16, he ended up with a flute in his hand, curiously discovering it, until it became his future and main expressing tool. Slightly after playing it, he joined the ESNCM’s oriental band to tour in Spain and Chile. At the age of 18, he left Palestine, after receiving a full scholarship to study music therapy in Germany. There he focused his attention on Nay and Clarinet, playing with numerous bands and participating in important festivals in Germany, including the Heidelberg Silent Movie Festival. After finishing his studies, he returned to Palestine working as a music therapist. There he collaborated with the performance artist “Riham Isaac”, to create a duo project called “I am you”, touring in Sweden and Palestine. Before going to Berklee to pursue his Master's Degree, Faris has represented Palestine in important international festivals such as the Festival of Aix in Provence/France. Currently, Faris is based in Boston/USA.


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