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World-Renowned Palestinian Nay Master, Global Jazz Flutist, Percussionist Composer, and Music Therapist. Faris is known for his virtuosity on the ancient Egyptian “Nay” flutes. He has developed a unique, evocative and improvisational artistic approach and instrumental setting, in which he plays the Nay while accompanying himself on leg-percussion and frame drum simultaneously. While honoring his cultural heritage, Faris has emerged as a pioneer of the Nay developing a unique sound that crosses over Jazz, Indian Classical Music and other world music traditions, while stretching the musical capacity of its expression from melodic to percussive and harmonic sounds. 

In 2023, Faris was featured on the Grammy-Nominated Album “Crisalida”. Faris has produced three albums and performed at major world and jazz music festivals including the London, Panama, and Monterey Jazz Festivals. In 2021  he received the recognition of the International Jazz Day organization, becoming the first musician to present Palestine annually in this global event and facilitates the participations of other Palestinian institutions and musicians. Faris has joined stage and collaborated with world-class musicians including John Patittuci, Adnan Joubran and Danilo Perez. In 2018, Faris graduated from the “Global Jazz” Master program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he was given the prestigious "Matt Marvuglio Best Student Award” for elevating Nay performance and incorporating Arabic music into Jazz. Faris is currently based between London and Palestine. 

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